Project Management

Bula Enterprises Ltd. are able to report where each project stands at the same time being able to forecast where we expect each project to end up in regards to dollars, time and resources. These responsibilities include implementing, maintaining and customizing effective quantity based Project Control mechanisms including:

  • Estimating
  • Work Face Planning and Scheduling
  • Material Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Cost reporting and forecasting
  • Progress and Performance Measurement - milestone oriented
  • Change management - Scope management
  • Subcontract management

Corporate Expectations of our Management Team

  • Ensure the integrity of the data processed through the systems and corresponding reports used to illustrate the findings and predictions being made is considered the highest priority.
  • Promote and implement a disciplined approach to executing, monitoring and managing projects (sometimes known as Work Face Planning) as the common culture all employees strive to achieve.
  • Monitor and report all leading indicators to ensure that all work performed is accomplished in the most economical and prompt method allowed.
  • Ensure the Quality of the product produced remains paramount over Quantity of work achieved.

Project Expectations of our Management Team

  • Ensure client satisfaction is achieved through the most integral means possible, ultimately relying on “Total Transparency” through all systems and corresponding reports.
  • Promote and implement the tools, training and guidance necessary to instill a healthy and stress free environment amongst our clients, our front line employees and corporate.
  • Monitor and report our findings to support management and work together to ensure all projects are executed in the most cost effective and prompt method allowed for our projects and our clients respectively.
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