Bula Enterprises Ltd. has been providing Millwright services throughout Western Canada, from British Columbia to Manitoba. We also have been working in the Fort McMurray, Alberta area for the past ten years and still to date we have our full Millwright Team working in that area. The projects and a brief description of what is being constructed by Bula are listed below:

Keyera - Grande Prairies, AB

  • Wapiti Gas Plant
  • Gold Creek Compressor Station
  • Early 2020


  • TCPL Keystone Bindloss
  • Summer 2020

OCL Group - Kearl Lake IP4 Pumphouse

  •  Installation of K1 CST Booster Pump Stage 4 IP, Motor and Gearbox
  • 2020

Radium/CNRL Albian Sands CST 3 - Pumphouse

  • Installation of Slurry Pumps, Gland Water Pumps and Basket Strainers in Pumphouse 3.00-BX-201
  • November 2020 to February 2021

OJI - Suncor RO Pumps

  • Installation of RO Reject Booster Pumps
  • Early 2020

Pillar/Gibsons - Hardisty, AB

  • Installation of 3 Mainline Flo-Serve DRUBIT shipping pumps, 4 vertical can pumps with lube oil flushing services.
  • November 2020 to June 2021 

DOW Chemicals - Fort Saskatchewan, AB

  • Installation of 2 Elliot Compressors and 4 Amine Pumps
  • January to September 2021

Propak - Battleford, SK

  • Serafina Pump House vibration issues
  • Remove 2 existing pre-installed horizontal pumps experiencing vibration issues. Perform levelling, grouting, alignments, and pipe strain as needed to have the equipment back up and running without vibration issues. 
  • January 2021

Whaler/Enbridge - Abee Lake, AB

  • Complete foundation prep work to grout in and complete installation of vertical and horizontal pumps.
  • September 2020 to April 2021

Parkland Fuels - Bowden, AB

  • Routine checks and maintenance on rotating equipment
  • Ongoing maintenance program

Sub Zero Heating - Red Deer, AB

  • Installation of small pump and motor for a local client. A small project with the same rigorous quality control measures applied as with our larger industrial projects. 
  • April 2021

CBS Construction - Suncor Fort Hills

  • Assisted CBS Construction with the demolition of an existing pump base for pump retrofitting. Reinstalled new pump onto the existing motor and completed new grout work, levelling, alignment, and pipe strain, as needed. 
  • April 5 to May 14, 2021

OJI - Suncor

  • GSW to PEW Conversion
  • September 2021 start

Whaler/Wolf Midstream

  • July to September 2021


  • Lube Oil Flushing work
  • July 2021 

Older/Past Projects we have compelted

Suncor Energy

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

  • MacKay River - Site Maintenance
  • Firebag Project phase one
  • Millennium Vacuum Project
  • Millennium Vacuum Project - Fire Recovery Project
  • Sulfur Plant

Bula Enterprises Ltd. became the supplier of choice for Suncor Energy Inc. Major Project Group in 2005. Bula has installed over 400 pieces of rotating equipment project wide and is still continuing installations for Suncor Energy Inc.

Husky Energy

Sunrise Project, Alberta, Canada.

  • Construction

 Tucker Lake, Alberta, Canada.

  • Pipeline Booster Pumps Project
  • Thermal Tucker Lake SAGD project

Thyssen Krupp

Kearl Lake, Alberta, Canada

  • Maintenance Services
  • Millwright Services
  • CWB Welding Services

Imperial Oil

Kearl Lake, Alberta, Canada

  • Crusher
  • Turnaround Services

Access Pipeline

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

  • Pump Stations - Install Pumps
  • Devon Tank Farm - Install Pumps


Odessa, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Sunday Creek Pimping Station - Install Pumps
  • Woodlands Pumping Station - Install Pump

OPTI / Nexen

Long Lake, Alberta, Canada.

  • Installed Blower Package for the Boilers

Shell (CNRL) Albian Sands

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

  • Radium Technologies – CNRL CST-3 Pump Station Installation
  • Jack Pine Project
  • Froth Plant
  • Tank Farm

CNRL Horizon

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

  • Froth Plant Project
  • SUG Plant - Installed Large Centrifugal Compressors
  • All Bitumen Productions - Complete Construction, Piping and Rotating Equipment
  • Commissioning and Start up
  • Maintenance (1st / 2nd / Upgrades) (Cokers)
  • HTP 600 Trains 3 and 4

Conoco Philips

Surmont 2, Alberta, Canada.

  • Pile Capping
  • Rotating Equipment - Installation

Trans Canada Pipe Line

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

  • Gainford Pump Station install
  • Edson Pump Station install


Alberta, Canada.

  • Sherwood Park Tank Farm
  • Anchor Loop Project (Pump Stations)


Horizon, Alberta, Canada

  • OPP# - Start up and Commissioning
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